What's on offer..

Brief to long-term Counselling and Psychotherapy.

(Face to face, telephone sessions and via Skype)


I work with Individual Adults and young Adults 18+ .

My Commitment:

To work in partnership with you ( The Client ) to help explore and gain insight into the difficulties or unexpected challenges that may have left you feeling overwhelmed, lost or isolated. I offer a non-judgemental, empathic, caring and confidential space to facilitate building a good therapeutic relationship in which to heal.


Initial Appointment:

The first appointment gives us the opportunity to get a feel of how we might work together.
You get a chance to ask questions that you may have regarding how I work. I get to find out a bit about you, and your reasons for seeking counselling.


Individual Sessions:

If we agree to work together following the initial appointment, we then arrange a regular weekly session, preferably, on the same day and time of each week.
Usually the sessions are weekly but some people feel they may require more than one session per week.
This is fine too, depending on your budget, time availability for both of us, and your feelings about how deeply you want to explore your issues.



Individual Session (50 minutes) - £40
Telephone sessions and via Skype-£40

Payment by cash for each 1 to 1 session.

Via Paypal for Telephone and Skype